tori white is a painter  

 based in Venice, CA.

raised in Seattle, self taught, she began painting at an early age. 

Her paintings are an expression of characters with complex emotional backstories as well as abstract landscapes using color and wood grain to provoke a feeling of aliveness.

Often featuring lonely characters, her landscapes are hauntingly compelling, offering a suggestion of a story but leaving the viewer to wonder. 

"Painting is as effortless to me as it is frightening. 

Like life, I know with patience and time and care and attention and focus… even the mess I’ve made, which I thought was going to be perfect, will turn into what it needs to be. 

At first a painting looks terrible, then it starts to get a personality, then after the bones are developed and the structure built, then the soul arrives, the feeling, the emotion, the nuance. Like everything in nature. The process is the same and it’s that process to me that is the most fulfilling."